No days off

Finally, an entire two days off of work! No getting up at 5am, no going out in the cold to warm the car up! I get to eat breakfast in the morning, cuddle next to my man, stay up late eating chocolate chip cookies. Oh the beauty of sleeping in. Two days off of work may not be much to many,  but I am so thankful. Although, I picked up two twelve hours days to make up for the overtime. This $10 an hour thing allows no time off, and you absolutely must take any overtime offered. When will I finish school, when will I obtain a prestigious position. Working everyday of the week is making me weak. I am thankful for my job though. I know things could be worse. So when its all said and done I am just oh so thankful for two days off!


Daily Prompt:The best day ever

The sky is gray, I love it this way. Thunder and lightening, pouring rain. I walk through it no shelter, this is my kind of weather. I am in New york patiently awaiting a taxi. Theres no hurry, but he didnt charge me a sitting fee. I get out hair still plastered to my face, I love the moisture, I love this race. I stop at the corner store for a cola and a square, stood under the awning and sparked a flame, just staring at the chaos. People chasing taxis while yelling on the phone, brief case in hand. Worried about all of their failed plans, I have no plans, I cannot call it! I refuse to commit! I dont have to do shit! This is my perfect day.