Let go, Let God.

Lord, I want to let you Lead me. Guide me and order my steps. I can do anything with you, and nothing without you. You are so amazing to love and give so abundantly. You are the creator, and you deserve all the praise. Thank you, God for sacrificing your son Jesus christ to save us from our sins. Lord you are so merciful and graceful. I am far from perfect, yet you accept me and love me. You are so selfless and perfect. I am a sinner, I do wrong, but you are willing to forgive me. Lord, we need you. This world has turned so evil, save us Lord in the name of Jesus. God I want to be where you are. You are a conquerer, a healer, a deliverer. Lord you deserve the glory. God thank you for everything. God bless my family, my man, my friends, and my enemies and strangers. Help me to forgive as I ask for forgiveness from you. Lead me, Oh God. Lead this country, this world, cities, states, neighborhoods, God we need you right now. Thank you God in advance for your notorious blessings. You are so Good. In the name of Jesus I pray Amen. #Biblefor21
21 Days Of Powerful Breakthroughs



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