Follow your dreams❤

What are you going to blog about today? Since about 6pm, I have poked at topics. Even now I have nothing specific to grasp anyone’s interest. My goal is to prove that I am intellectual, intelligent, inspiring, and potentially a good writer.

As a child, when asked what I want to be when I grew up, I would always say a journalist. I happened to possess very good handwriting skills. Being a journalist meant writing for me, and apparently this is something I love(d). I was always better with english than other subjects, which made a career in journalism more attractive. I thought about other careers and at a young age, The schooling for doctor’s seemed extreme. 

I wrote many poems, and I always kept a diary. I’m literally an open book, if you want to find out something about me, it’s probaly in writing. I wrote songs and poems with my friends often. I also loved reading, I loved books and information. Somehow, somewhere I fell off track.

As I grew older life happened of course, and, well I’m 27 now with no career. I have a job as a caregiver earning slightly over minimum wage. It pays my bills, but I’ve always wanted to actually have a prestigous career. I’ve attended several community colleges, racked up student loan debt, and I have never completed anything beyond my high school diploma. It’s nearly time for the ten year high school reunion.

So, the golden rule is that in order to solve a problem is to admit/realize you have a problem. I have a problem. I lack motivation and drive. I am inconsistent and indecisive. I can be frivolous and impulsive. Despite, these problems though I still aspire to be successful.

Suddley, writing remained a part of me in diaries, journals, data entries, signatures, letters, and emails. I always loved letters, words, sentences, and the way they come together. I love the way words operate.

Over the years, I’ve come over the idea that writers don’t make much money. If they do, the ones like me never will. I’m just not that interesting, not that educated, not that successful. I have tried many career paths, but none to my interest and near age 30 I have started to contemplate about becoming an author, publisher, freelance writer, or any writer. 

I love writing. I think that I would actually stick to a writing career. Maybe all along my career was right in front of me. Maybe it is not too late to grasp it. Is there some huge secret to becoming a successful recognized writer?  Will I make top dollar? Probaly not, but maybe this is that passion that holds: you never work a day at a job you love. Follow your dreams, they tend to follow you😉.


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