2017 is already filled with uncertainty; I am living with someone who hates me. I brought this year in with high hopes and prayer, so my faith remains strong regardless of any outcomes. I’ve been called heartless, and I may seem cold. The truth though, holds that I am numb, I can’t feel and I really can’t produce tears.

My only certainty in life is that God loves me regardless of my sinful nature. I bow my head and I pray for forgiveness, so that I may have a chance at joy and redemption. Daily I rebuke satan from my life, I beg the Lord to keep the devil away from my family.

Although I come across doubtful thoughts, my faith is strong. What I pray for I believe in so I thank the Lord in advance.2017 you almost disappointed me early, but I know the best is yet to come. Whatever God has in store for me I gracefully accept. Though I am flawed, I know there is hope for me.

Marcus, The last thing I want is for you to hate me or to think that I am heartless. I beg to differ, but unfortunately I am not willing to explain. I have no fight left as far as proving myself to you. I pray this works out, but I pray for you personally. I pray for your family, I pray for your heart. I pray for your health.

God is my Savior, I trust him to save me. God is my healer and deliverer, I trust him to heal and deliver me.

Yes, Lord! 

Bless this world, Bless my family, Heal us Lord we need you NOW! In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.


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