Daily Post

The question of my integrity is a huge regret to me, I am misunderstood and judged by the exterior. 

Daily I attempt to makeover the outside of me, so that it is understood completely and reflects my interior.

I am flawed in most ways, but mistakes I make are never intentional, My entire life I really strive to be conventional.

Wrenches get thrown in my plans as roadblocks, and change the story written with beautiful calligraphy. 

Eraser marks, scratchouts, and white out, cover the best parts of me.

If I could turn myself inside out I would be sick, but maybe it will earn my self worth.

My goals come with stipulations regardless of how hard I work, because of my past.

I guess maybe we won’t last, you feel the pain everyday and its nothing I can do. The worst part is I love you.I don’t know how I can fix things, I just wish my heart, feelings, reasoning and intention mattered. I get it though pain hurts the exterior and interior.


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