way back when

I was in love with you long ago, I was there when you were broke. I showed my loyalty,  I showed you love, though you were a scrub. I don’t mean to dwell on your past because I adore your present, and I foresee your future. I just don’t like the way you think, I really don’t like the way you treat me. I guess the majority of this could be chucked up to my insecurity, but I always knew I wouldn’t be able to handle you when you came up, it’s been a long time coming my baby, you came up. I’m so proud of you but sadly you are making me hate you, and then that makes me a hater. I never been fake, I don’t envy, I’m not jealous. I love seeing you ball. What I hate is that I done it all, and you downplayed it all. You downgraded my capabilities, you undermined the things I did for you, the love I showed you. See I can’t stand sympathy and pity. I hate arrogance. The things I did for you weren’t for a payback, I did it just to let you know I got your back. The things you do are to make you feel good, and your intentions aren’t of my best interest. I know I’m not the best girlfriend that I deserve, but I took risks to prove my love, as a little girl. I know it didn’t mean anything to you, but that’s the entire basis around who I am today, I chose your path, I chose to love you. I chose to let you break my heart and eventually base my ways upon revenge. I turned from a good girl to a bad girl and you had ties in all of that. My heart let you in along time ago and that never changed.  I still don’t think you get it, I still don’t think you see my motive.


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