There’s some things I’ve been wanting to get off my chest, I couldn’t find the right place and time, I couldn’t find the words, I could barely find the logic. I know I haven’t been the best girlfriend, but I never been the worst. Regardless of what you think I always put you first.  I’ve been humble and giving throughout this relationship, and the only thing you did was take. I gave to you time and time again but that argument I see I’ll never win. I kept you straight for years and now you call yourself taking care of me. I appreciate the things you do, Lord knows I don’t have anyone else. But you’re not doing it to be humble, you’re not doing it to be kind, you’re doing things out of spite, it’s just not right. I wouldn’t expect anything from you if I hadn’t done for you, baby this is all what you are supposed to do, you just don’t know I’m losing respect for you. Know I won’t always be down, and I never forget, doing small things for me and you act like I owe you my life its been two months and you act like its ruining your life. You are making me change my mind. You are cocky and arrogant, you ain’t even made it no where yet. You steady trying to compete with me, out do me, prove something to me, I always wonder why, because I never been a hater. I loved you when you had absolutely nothing, but now the tables have turned and I can’t say you’re doing the right thing. You can get your dick sucked, 3 meals a day, clean home, clean clothes, a passive, respectful, mild mannered woman, whatever you want for a price you have yet to pay. You think you deserve luxury, but you are dishing out fuckery.

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