Off the top

These days I try to keep from throwing up, I’m so disgusted and dissapointed,  I have no one to blame except myself. I deserve everything that happens to me I’m just begging for grace and mercy. I’m hanging on a string and its wearing thin, I’m giving everything I have within.  I reach my hands up high and imagine that I am touching the sky. I am at my limit, to the point where its nothing left to do but end it. I’m too far gone, this has gone on too long, there’s no more being strong, I don’t even know where I belong. My heart never denied anybody love, my actions though…. I’m praying to the man above. I’m so caught up in sympathy I don’t know who’s really here for me. I’m standing in the palm of my own hand, after all this time, I’m still in a foreign land. I take chances, I’m the reason for my circumstances.

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