Ya girl

I guess I’m not entitled to feel some type of way about my circumstances, I’m supposed to suck it up because I’m the cause of my misery, I burned all my bridges, I never took the right chances. I can’t cry because I’m too scudded everything that comes along I just chuck it up to karma. I guess I get what I give out but shit I can’t get that. I’m so misunderstood, I’m just tired of this world, I really don’t want to be this girl, I never intended to be so evil and cold hearted, I try to stay real but who am I being real to people just do what they wanna do to me , if they only knew the only real living proof is me, but aye it is what it is its always gone be what is gone be so I take control, I take things upon myself, because I just do this shit for my health, I’m a just take ten shots so I can deal, I’m just trying to chill, my heart is in capable, my mind is in capable, I’m not to be dealt with, I don’t even give a fuck, I can’t help it.

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