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My room is a mess, I slipped in my feelings, I don’t know when, I can’t recall how, but I’m here now. I’m floating around no gravity, all I can think is what’s wrong with me. I look up, but my thoughts keep me down, how did I get here? There’s no turning around. I’m already here, what do I do now? How can I get out of here, I guess I’ll just build a nest, I’ll never fly away from here. I’m numb to the drama, bring it on I’m yo mama. At this point I don’t expect anyone to understand, I roll over and thank the man for that, though sometimes I curse that. Sometimes I feel like there’s nothing left but to die, I can’t pull my life together, I can’t pinpoint why, it’s too hard to try, so I lie, but the truth eases through, I’m see through.

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