Real love

I don’t know why but, I got so much love for this street guy. I got a thing for his hood demeanor. I feel safe if he got the mag, I can’t help but feel him when he sags. I’m a capricorn, he’s a scorpio, nobody understands us, but we know. He is not comparable to a lame, these fuck niggas just play games. But my baby is so mean and serious. How do I like it? People think I am delirious. But his swag is heart breakable, you can’t do anything but respect him. The one and only man, with a real plan, with bands, with real love in his heart for me, his word is bond, I sing songs, I’m so in love, he ride or die for me, he’s my destiny, a lesson to me, true blessing to me, a real thug but a soft ass heart for me, its just so plain for me to see, true love is right in front of me, I would never turn my back on me, I rather turn the other cheek, make him my number one priority, I rather put aside my pride, get on this bumpy ride, I may as well, I even love is smell, I remember he used to smell like dryer sheets, now when I sniff all I smell is cali, all he really do is get money, how could you be mad at me.

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