One minute im a bitch, the next im a kid

If you call me a kid one more time, I swear on everything I’m gonna show you so much better than I can tell you. I’m a grown fucking woman, my moods just don’t mix with yours. You want to play when I don’t, call me a bitch even but I’m over here in my own world I’m not bothering you but I can’t be me. I can’t be around you, but you never want me to leave. You are always so angry, I just want to be happy. Thats why I go out with my friends, but I can’t even do that. I come home and wish I could just fall asleep because sometimes I feel like you want no parts of me. You keep calling me a kid, you keep calling me childish, because I laugh really. Ok then I’m going to show you how much of a bitch I can be.

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