He really loves and adores me, he holds me to certain standards. He used to be a bad boy but he changed for the better, he used to be broke but now he’s getting cheddar. I used to be passive, faithful, and classy. Now I’m aggressive, a cheater, and I have a nasty attitude. He only wants to be with me, that’s never really been hard to see. But I got so wound up on jealousy that I have truely lost me. I get all caught up in the thrill with someone who won’t help me pay bills. I really love this man. He is indeed superman. I have hurt him so much that its hard to cease, I feel the only way to fix things is if I were deceased. I don’t want to be alone I don’t want to lose you. I don’t want to hurt you, but it just keeps happening, I can’t apologize, I’ve done that too many times, I’ve already told you so many lies. I love you so much, I know I would fail without you, and I couldn’t live with the weight of not having you. If I didnt have you too lean on I couldnt be strong, I wouldn’t last long. I would be all alone, baby keep me, I need you, please don’t ever leave me, nobody could ever love me the way you do, its so sad that I’m a damn fool, I keep repeating knowing I’m going to lose you, baby I choose you. But it may be too late, please please stay.

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