He said “bay, try writing about things that are uplifting. ” I wrote a few sentences, they became the same old thing. I need something to uplift me. Everyday I wake up to thoughts that depress me. I try to shake them off but, how can I turn away from reality, if I ignore it, I turn my back on me. If I could rewind, I’d go back and make things the way they are supposed to be. I can’t though so I pay and pay on unlimited mistakes, I’m a victim of my past, I thought everyone was entitled to being young and dumb, I never knew I was the only person who is really dumb. I try to be optimistic, but the way I think is so pessimistic. My glass is half empty, I barely have a pot to piss in. I’m lucky though for a place to live in, I’m blessed some people have it worse than I could ever imagine, but some have it better and I could only imagine. I can say keep pushing, I can say things will get better. I can say that with confidence, but life is what you make of it.

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