You keep trying to tell me about accountability, boy let me tell you a few things. I’m a grown woman and I’m not a dummie. How about you be accountable for why you don’t have a job, a high school diploma, a driver’s license or nothing, how about you be accountable for life, boy you are just getting by. Don’t get me wrong so am I, but I own that, if you want to teach somebody teach yourself that, because now you are going too far, I work hard, I claim my flaws, I admit my mistakes, nothing about me is fake, thats a vow I will take, and a point I shouldn’t have to make, but you know I just keep it real, I hold myself accountable for everything I do, that may be my problem. But when something is not right, you accuse me of something I didn’t do, try to to tell me something about me thats not true, thats intolerable and I can’t own up to. You ask do I know that? Boy who are you talking to? If you have something to say to me, don’t be subliminal, get straight to the point I don’t like to play. I get by doing what’s tried and true, but this world has corrupted me, I never tried to blame my problems on any one thing, I always said I suffer because of me, but its not that I don’t take accountability, I know that I could change things, that things could be different, I realize that, at the same time I take it day by day and do what I can to overcome my demons, how about you open your eyes and start seeing, you can’t put it all on me.

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