Marry Me.

I think its time we settle down, I want to tattoo your name at the end of my name, I’m done causing you pain, you gave me a chance and now I’m taking it, its no longer a risk you are taking, I really do love you baby. I want to be your wife, and I want to have your child, I want to make your life worth while. Its no secret we have explosive chemistry, what do you say we take the vow. You and me. We are getting no younger, how about we have a youngen, I pray to the Lord to bless us with a chance, I know we will be the perfect parents. You are my one and only, I can spend my life with you, I need you to breathe, I want nothing more than to be married to you, and give you children so beatiful. I want to recreate our nature, and pass on our traits and characteristics, our daughter with my smile and intelligence, and our son with your swag, charisma, and ambition, our baby with the darndest personality, I can just hear their sweet voices calling me mommy, their chocalate faces, and round cheeks, baby lets join each other in matrimony, make a family, and build a home, take off in our careers, the end of the storm is here, baby I take you as my lawful wedded husband, just put the ring on my hand and marry me. Yes I do. Love you.

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