Black girl/Black History Month

My hair is course and my nose is wide, I have a little extra behind. I am a minority, and people think less of me, they teach them things that they don’t teach me. I didn’t have a wealthy set of parents to send me off to college, I use slang, I grew up in the hood, my mother and I do not share the same last name, my sister and I have different fathers, my brother left home at fourteen, I was working by fourteen, and I have always had to pay for me. I don’t have anyone to feed me, or turn to when I can’t make ends meet. At the age of 24 sometimes I feel like life is aging me, like pretty soon I will have no fight left in me, to me sometimes things seem to be like slavery, somebody else is always controlling me, I have no control of things, I look and then I look at me, there’s no equality. No I can’t blame my life decisions on racism, but the elephant is always in the room, people look at me like I’m flying on a broom, but am I really wrong, am I really pulling the color card? The same old sad song? Am I a fool to think that I don’t get the same opportunities, like the proof is not right in front of me?

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