I’m sorry

Now this is an apology. Now I’m begging you to forgive me. Now things are getting out of control, your insecurity is now beyond my control. I can’t go out with my girls, without you thinking I’m giving it up to the world. I’m truely sorry for my past behavior, I know you get tired of being fucked and then being my savior. I know you get tired of playing the role of superman, but now I’m being true and its getting harder for you to be my man. I can’t continue paying for every mistake, its like if I leave that will be all it takes, you flip, and you just cant get over my past. I’m just trying to make this last. Sometimes you make me feel like its not meant to be but I guess we’ll just have to see. I’m hanging on, its been ten years strong. How can I let this go, baby just let it go, I’m a good girl now, you keep questioning how, just know the bad girl has realized, that you are the one and only, I don’t want to lose you, yeah in the past I acted on what I fantasized, but now its all about you.

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