Fuck you

You were my true fantasy, but now I feel like you are playing me. You must have noticed I was clingy, you must have gotten tired of me. You started off rarely texting me, and now I can’t get you to respond to me. I write and try to get your attention, but I feel like I’m in detention. You said you love me, but you must not know what that means. You must have seen I was going through things, maybe you weren’t ready to pack your things. I would’ve freed up for you, I would’ve made time for you. But now I see that you are not ready for me, you made me happy. You eased my depression, and became my obsession. But now I have to realize that I can’t have you and you aren’t made for me. You made my head big, and then reduced the size dramatically, you can’t handle me. You said you don’t judge but I can’t tell, I tried not to judge but fuck it oh well, I’m judging, run and tell, go to hell. I’m done, I really tried, I would’ve given you all of me, I’m glad I didn’t get the chance to let you make a fool of me. I thought you were different, I thought you were my destiny, but you were just a fantasy, you’ve already given up on me, and I don’t have any more fight left in me. You said fuck me, so you know its fuck you, you played me, now its fuck you, since its clearly fuck me.

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