Boy you took control of me, you got me trying to get a hold of me. All I know is you, you have me right where you want me. I wear my hair in styles that only please you, I love you but sometimes I find myself trying to get away from you. You keep me running back though, I really believe in the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but I don’t believe in traveling too far down the wrong road. Its like In my heart I know its real but in my head I know the deal. So you keep me confused, down with the blues, but then you perk me up, from the outside looking in its obvious, but to me its worth fighting for. People say that you have me trained and I keep you maintained. But really you keep me leveled, we are on the same level. I don’t turn my nose up at you, but people do expect me too. So I’m in this no support, but you I support.

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