Fuss and fight

See you make want to punch you, but then I want to kiss you. I love you then I hate you. I want to fight you and then make love to you, bite you, passionately, then I want to hurt you. Beat you, and then say sorry, cum for you and then I apologize. I tell you the truth and then I tell you lies, I don’t like it, its just like that. I will slap you without a reason, blame it on me, but then I feel guilty, then I make it up to you, I look up to you. I know its not right, I stare at you during the night, I might wake you up out your sleep, pick a argument and fall asleep, leave you up wondering what is wrong with me. Later I act like I don’t remember, I don’t know, stop asking me. Shaking, sweating, playing while you are asleep, wake up and make love to me. I am so crazy, emotional, make it so hard to love me. Its not an easy task, but I will make it last. After I make you mad I make up, make it worth waking up for, its bitter sweet but its sweeter when its sweet. Just because its hard doesn’t mean we can’t try, make it feel like paradise, when we play, we shiver with ice, bodies form to one another, sweating on one another, really fuckin feeling one another, all day long we could feel one another. Its just we sometimes clash, push each other away because it feels so good its got to be right. I guess that’s why we have to fight.

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