All up to you

I smoke my newport to the butt, I’m not sexy, I don’t strut. Say what you want, I don’t give a fuck. Trying to phase me? Good luck. It’s official, I threw my hands up. I’m not in control, no I didn’t give up. I did what I could and now its up to you. I’m following your lead, no need to speed. I’m under your guidance, you I confide in. You I trust, I lust for, I rush for, but I’m patient now. I’m down if this is going down. I where my hair long and curled, pull it baby this is your world. You say I’m your favorite girl.I sometimes sag my pants, but when I take them off, notice I’m advanced. My earrings dangle, panties at my ankle. Necklace is a choker, face: poker. Fragrance carried away, we can get carried away, if you want it that’s all you have to say….

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