To snitch or not to snitch

I came across a young man who had been shot. I asked him what happened…he was certified through the state to sell and smoke medical marijuana. He said he went to sell 2 zips of chronic to some guys in detroit. Alone! He asked my advice after he pleaded his case. He wanted to tell because he didn’t want the same thing to happen to someone else, or worse! He had a friend not willing to tell with his whole life ahead of him. I told him in my own opinion that I would not tell because of one serious risk being taken. Its hard out here, responsible, civil people earn a living legally.  Others eat however they can, whether it be snatching a purse, armed robbery, theft of any kind, or even murder. There are some heartless senseless people out here, and there’s no way we could stop it all, if at all. So to me this is a common set up so common sense is vital in this type of situation. Don’t be stupid, especially in detroit, people are hungry, have habits to feed, and have no regard for humanity, or life itself. If you were to go and sell someone two ounces be smart, know if people view you as a vulnerable person, and think of people’s motives which are never good most of the time, so protect yourself and be observant. Last, but not least don’t tell. You know snitches get stitches, these days snitches get killed. Hate to say it, but its true. This is my opinion only.

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