The only one I love.

I can’t really explain why I am so into you, when I look at you I smile so beautiful. Though I see your pain, I make plans to change. If we could start fresh, if I could have the chance to make love, and express, the way that I really care, and I’ve always been here, now you can know that I will always there for you. You are so special to me, you are the reason I breathe, and your heart is the only place I want to be. I told you the truth, to let you choose. You stayed here, and now I owe my life to you. You said you forgave me but I can’t really see that that is true. Baby when I had tears rolling down my face asking you to stay. I didn’t mean if it hurts to love me, be miserable. I asked for forgiveness because I know that’s the only way to move on. Otherwise we have to let it go, baby thats how this love thing goes. It doesn’t mean we don’t love each other, I’ll be damned if this is not love I have for you, I never felt it for anyone else, never had pain in my heart at the thought of another leaving, but if you leave I will take my last breath, you are the only thing that makes me breathe. Without you I am not myself, without you there’s nothing left to fight for.

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