Two teenagers shot at/one hit

Today as I paused in my patients room to address the interference of disturbing news, fox 2 was reporting a story about 2 teenagers being shot at. The girls were 13 and 15, one was shot in the leg. I believe the girls were african american. A caucasion man heard the gun shots he said he saw a girl laying in the snow in a lot of blood and a girl standing over her in pure shock. He said he saw the girls trying to hide in a neighbor’s backyard. He claimed to have went to help the girls with his own gun. This occurred on 9 mile and Hayes. Fox 2 reported that the man later made a phone call detailing his premeditation to commit suicide. The man later shot and killed himself, I believe fox 2 said this was on the roof of greektown casino. I also believe fox 2 reported that the attacker had an open sexual assualt case with one of the female victims who met him online.I pray for those girls and their families;I also pray for the man who took his life, I know that feeling. Be safe when meeting people online, and always be safe and watch your surroundings. Things are becoming more and more dangerous, by all means do what’s best for your protection.And watch the show catfished, I’ve heard a lot about it. Use your brain, and think things through. Some things are really too good to be true.

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