The Guilt that haunts me

This relationship I’m is monogamous, we share each others trust. I betrayed him during a sinful act of lust. I could never tell because then there would be no more us. My infidelity runs through my mind every second of everyday. Though I usually throw it at him, today there’s a delay. I have to shower first, and attemt to cover up my misbehavior. I should be his slave forever. He said he wants it now so what is the problem, In my head I screamed” I cheated on you! That would be the problem. The guilt is controlling my concious pretty soon I will spill the water, but im holding it, Ive done this before, I never learned, Depression and Guilt were none less than earned. Our protection failed, so now how do I protect him. I should at least allow him to decide if he wants to risk what I’ve risked. He is a fool, He took me back, His Love is Geniune, He wants to protect me, but he wont protect himself, and thats what scares me. That I am the one he loves, but I am his true fate or destiny, I am so guilty because he leaves that up to me.He shares my fear but he wont let me go, I tried to let him know.Daily Prompt: The guilt that haunts me


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